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Testimonials 2005:

Here's what some of our clients are saying:

Testimonials from our Central Ontario and Laurentians Tour in June 2005 

 What a great time I had. The weather being so great was both a blessing and a curse, but the riding was fabulous and the company terrific. The ladies from NJ agreed that we would do it again and recommend to all our friends.


Wonderful experience, for the second time, with Trillium Tours. Couldn't have asked for a better experience overall. Your route selection, hotel accommodations and attention to every detail was delightful. Thank you for making my motorcycle vacation to the Laurentians a memorable experience. Nicely done, Liz


The highlight was seeing the Bob o Link and the awesome Canadian roads in such good company. Katie I thought that the hills and roads were awesome spent in great company.


Testimonials from other trips

We headed off for a delightful mini tour through parts of the (Niagara) Peninsula. There truly are some amazing motorcycle roads there. It may not be the mountains but Liz showed us some great twisty and windy roads up and down the escarpment. If you paid attention you could see the growing bunches of grapes on the vine and the developing fruit on the trees...apples, pears, peaches..... It was a great day.


Not having to worry about making the right turn at the right time or finding a motel for the night even on a tour of my own province, made for a real relaxing ride. Add nice meals and accommodations and you've got a nice excursion. Just follow the yellow helmet.


Arrived home safely.  Just wanted to thank you again for a great experience.  I have been looking forward to the tour ever since booking it; and the events of the past three days surpassed my expectations. 

Elizabeth and Al were just great Guides. Most helpful and accommodating. Cannot say enough about their respective approach to supporting the riders. Everything about the route and accommodations were exceptionally well handled.


I did my first overnight ride in August and I am hooked and booked for the next one in September. With Liz in the lead I felt safe and brave as we toured the Bruce Peninsula. High winds just added to the excitement. Glorious sunshine brought delight and landscapes gave us a sense of awe. Meeting other bikers made everything great fun. See you on the next ride!


As a new rider and a woman, I was thrilled to discover Trillium Motorcycle Tours. Elizabeth led our group through some beautiful countryside. The pace was comfortable for me as well as everyone else. The ride helped me stretch my comfort zone and now I know that I am a more confident and safer rider. I look forward to going on more tours with other groups!


Press Releases

New Ontario Tour Company Offers Unique Motorcycling Experience
Orangeville, ON - April 14, 2004
(published in Motorcycle MOJO Magazine - Summer 2004)

Trillium Motorcycle Tours Inc. offers innovative motorcycle tour packages for busy professionals, entrepreneurs or boomers with offerings for women only and mixed groups. Tours include stays at elegant country inns, spas, golf packages - all joined by prime riding routes through scenic Ontario and Eastern Quebec. Packages range from 1 to 7 days. All Trillium guides are seasoned riders with advanced motorcycle skills training. A support vehicle accompanies most tours to transport extra provision which allows riders to focus on the riding experience. For information contact: Elizabeth Jansen (519) 943-1131

Trillium Tours Inc.

By Mike of RideON Magazine
(published in May/June 2004 issue of RideON Magazine)

During a two-month personal motorcycle odyssey, Elizabeth Jansen came up with the concept for her newly-launched motorcycle touring business - Trillium Motorcycle Tours Inc. There was literally a "eureka" moment on that Canada - United States riding tour when Elizabeth actually found the concept.

No her background is not in the tour and travel sector but in human resources and manufacturing and Elizabeth said though she enjoyed her career, it was time for a change. Or in fact, several changes.

Admittedly there are motorcycle touring businesses, both in Canada and in the U.S but they seem to be quite uncommon in Ontario. There are a large number of riders here and the Province has plenty to offer them. Elizabeth is putting her own unique take on this with an emphasis on women riders.

Elizabeth has been a rider for more than 25 years. Motorcycle riding seemed natural for her. It all started with a 90 cc. step-through that belonged to her brothers. The fact is, back then it was quite a bit more unusual for a woman to be on a bike and not on the passenger pad. Elizabeth has been in the wind and on the blacktop ever since. Yeah, times have changed.

Elizabeth now rides a Yamaha FZ1 sport touring bike. Not counting the Honda 90 step-through that she hands off to her brothers, her list of previous bikes includes a  Honda 750 Spirit, and a shared BMW 750.  The special trip last year was her second long solo ride.

I commented on the two-month solo riding odyssey, Elizabeth smiles and kind of shrugs. Many people have commented on her courage but Elizabeth sees it as essentially not that special. "You just go, you get up every day and go for a ride. You only go around once. This was my opportunity to try it. If not now, when?" she says, quoting a book title that stayed in her mind. "I was given the opportunity and I had to take advantage of it."

Elizabeth has recently obtained her motorcycle instructor credentials and is about to start teaching a riding course with Humber College. She will be instructing on weekends but certainly not every weekend. "We've got tours planned."

Trillium Motorcycle Tours - with a name like Trillium it has to be based in Ontario - offers a wide variety of packages and tours, stretching from one to several days, for mixed groups and women riders only. In the future she'll even look at motorcycle tours for singles.

Elizabeth's business is up and running now although she doesn't expect the first tour until the late spring or early summer. She has recently launched a website ( and opened an office in Orangeville.

The business, Elizabeth says, is a culmination of several life changes  she was going through. "I was tidying up the first half and getting ready for the second half (of life). It had to be something meaningful and consistent with my values and something with people."

"I had my ideas and I hadn't incorporated the motorcycle part," she says. "At dinner with friends on the tour, it just came together."

Elizabeth says she is not going to get into the motorcycle rental end of motorcycle touring. It will be up to the client to have the bike. But if she can, she will help with such things as referring clients or potential clients to dealerships who will rent.

With Trillium, the clients won't be on motorcycle camping trips. It will be hotels rather than campgrounds.

Another aspect that will be available for most group tours will be a "support vehicle" to do such things as carry extra items like golf clubs. There will be two guides with the tours, one driving the support vehicle. Elizabeth added that she is also offering a golf and riding combination tour, and believes that the pairing of in the wind and on the green may be a hit. "A lot of bikers love to golf." For people on the trip who don't golf there will be other options. "Trillium Tours," she says, "Takes the planning out of touring, leaving the client free to enjoy the ride."

The company also  offers self-guided tours where the company works with the client to plan the route and arrange the details.

Elizabeth is trying to combine the best of this great province; the nicest riding as well as nice places to stay.  The tours are packages  including the hotels and inns and some of the dinners.

"When I was on my trip, I thought I'd take people to the mountains or the ocean. With a little more thought... there is an amazing amount here in Ontario. Promote what we have here before going further afield."

For more information, call 519-943-1131 or 1-800-828-0670, or visit her website at

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