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Welcome to Trillium Motorcycle Tours Inc., the ultimate source for riding in Ontario and beyond.

Leave the World Behind

If you're looking to share an enlightening and adventurous experience, get ready: we're going to take you on the tour of your dreams.

Leave the world behind for an exhilarating, unforgettable time. Each and every tour features an exciting itinerary with prime riding routes.

Along the way you'll gain a better understanding of yourself, others, and the world we all share. That's our aim and we promise to provide the setting to help you meet that aim.

We make all the arrangements, from designing the route to making reservations, which frees up your time for more important things - like riding your bike.

Tours for All

We're pleased to offer trips for women, mixed groups, singles, and custom tours. Whether it's social or solo, each and every tour focuses on fun, adventure, and rejuvenation.

Join other like-minded motorcyclists in this remarkable opportunity for fun and personal renewal. Book your tour, pack your luggage, and leave the rest to us!

What Sets Trillium Apart?

  • Customer Service
    We make every tour an amazing experience that leaves each participant re-energized. We’ve thought of everything - incredible routes, carefully selected accommodations, culinary delights and those hidden attractions along the way.

  • Experience & Safe Riding
    All of our guides are seasoned riders that have had advanced motorcycle skills training. All tours ensure that rider experience and ability is taken into consideration.

    Each guide has traveled extensively and knows the best riding spots, and our clients must have a certain level of experience to participate.

  • Our Focus on Women
    We understand the unique experience women riders want. We're the solution for women who want a motorcycle vacation but don't want to ride alone.

  • A Complete Package
    We've covered all the bases to find the best accommodations, local events, and riding routes for a completely enjoyable experience.

  • Personal Safety
    We share our sense of adventure and passion for riding within the safety and comfort of a small group. Therefore, each of our custom-designed tours hosts only 8-12 motorcycles.

  • Destinations
    We've selected prime destinations and only the best riding routes to get you there. Our accommodations are always high-quality, inviting, personal, and intimate.

  • Support Vehicle
    Don't worry about carrying too much or getting your belongings wet!

    Our support vehicle accompanies most tours and will transport your luggage, golf clubs, food, provisions, and fragile property (such as photographic equipment).

  • Community Involvement
    We believe in actively contributing to our community and leaving a positive impact. As part of this, we proudly support Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Dufferin and District.

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